Welcome to the campaign

“Mysterious Relics of Yore!”

A mysterious Book, 5 Relics beyond age, and a rag tag team who may use them to destroy the world…

I’m the GM of this campaign, Thomas, and here is where all the valuable information for the campaign will be stored.

Under the “Adventure Log” tab up there, I will put a summary of each session, labeled “Episode #: Name – Part #”
This will summarize the events of that session: what happened in the plot, what encounters you fought, and the experience and gold you gained and now have total. If you guys would like to leave comments on the sessions saying things you liked/didn’t like, or even cool stuff that your characters did, that would be highly encouraged.

The wiki is for everyone and thus it would be great if you guys made some wiki entries too. Maybe the town your character grew up in, a great hero from your character’s city, or an ancient legend from the land your character is from. Use this to flesh out your characters And the world. I’ve made steps for you guys so you can create pages. For now there isn’t a standard page set up but I may have one in the future for you to copy and paste into the pages.

The NPC Tracker has some of the bigger NPC’s you’ve met including more backstory then I’ve told you in game. This IS character knowledge so you can use it in the game but I will never require you to know it. Think of your character gaining this knowledge while living day to day; perhaps their rumors heard while at the market or something you learned in training. I’ll tell you when the Bio is created or updated for a character after it happens in game, kinda like a journal in a video game.

The comments are up to you guys. Use it to leave messages for everyone but nothing too important. I doubt everyone will check this site before game time. Also the maps section has a limited amount of maps. I was originally planning on scanning each map you guys have fought in but it only allows like 3. So far I’ve only put the World Map up.

Notice: I will be putting information that was not covered in the game here. Little tidbits of information that I should have said or I thought up after the fact so please check at least once every week. I’ll go over any changes I’ve made here before the game but it’d be nice if you guys knew it before then. I will not put anything up that will have changed the way things played out significantly, like “Oh yeah, he was lying… you should not have killed him.” or “Oh, right. That was lava not water. you all are dead.”

Mysterious Relics of Yore

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