Mysterious Relics of Yore

Episode 3: The volcano - Part 3

Upon waking, the adventurers find no sign of the beaten goblin. Continuing down the cave, they come to a lava river. The river had long since stopped flowing, and a crust had formed. Taking a closer look the group found that the crust was fragile and would make traversing quite difficult. Unbeknownst to them, lava rats filled the river below and tunneled their way up when Rieta attempted to cross. The group took out the swarms of lava rats and continued on their way.

Shortly after the river, a tunnel was found leading to the south, however it had been blocked by fallen debris. after some inspection the group continued to what they found to be the mouth of the volcano, a large open room with a pit of lava in the middle and a wall preventing the road going left. Here laid the tortured goblin, slain by his brethren. Behind him more then 40 goblins stood in their way. “We will not fall for your stupid tricks! Attack!” shouted the one in the front.

The battle was long, but not longer then it should have been. The goblins were weak and the group had gained strength while in the caves. The waves of enemies fell before their might, even faster after Ryker summoned a ball of fire from the lava pit.

Through goblin corpses, the adventurers made it to the boss goblin. This goblin was a beast, 9 feet tall with muscles ripping out of his skin. He held a fiery axe, with the symbol of Gruumsh engraved on the blade. He stood in front of two large skeletons. One skeleton was that of a dragon, the other a strange creature with a single eye. The Goblin Hulk turned towards them and yelled “I have the power! You shall be destroyed!”

Episode 3: The Volcano - Part 2

You venture into the cave and start to see a red glow, identified as light given off from lava. You reach a digsite, where kobolds are chained up and forced to dig. Goblin foremen are guarding the site. your attempts to sneak up on the digsite are for naught as The main goblin, a goblin Skullcleaver, sees you. The battle is long but not hard and towards the end 3 more goblins come as reinforcements.

After the battle you try to interrogate the Goblin Skullcleaver. He puts up with your torture, even through having both arms broken and hung from shackles. you finally convince him that you are the owners of the relics and he spills everything.

He tells you that the goblins have found 4 of the relics, 2 of which were stolen from a nearby cave just the previous week, one of which mysteriously disappeared a few days ago, and one, the axe of Grummsh, is inside the volcano. He tells you that the wearers of the relics have for some reason all gone mad and suggests that a curse was put on them. He also tells that the relic buried here had already been dug up but a stash of jewels were also found so they were continuing the dig.

The adventurers enter the shack used by the goblins and find a few gems. Deciding the beds habitable, they decide to take a rest.

Episode 3: The Volcano - Part 1

Mayor Thomas greets you upon returning from the cave. You show him the items you found, the purple stone and necklace. In shock, Thomas decides to tell you of a strange man who came to town several weeks ago but was killed that night. In the man’s possessions was a book, written in a language no one could decipher. One page however had pictures of 5 relics. The two items you brought back were 2 of the items listed, the Necklace of Bane and the Egg of Tiamat. Thomas refused to show you the book or tell you the names of the other relics for reasons undisclosed. The map which was found in the cave also was one of the man’s possessions but was lost when a group ventured to the cave.

Thomas then asked if you would be willing to continue looking for the relics, mentioning they would probably be within the locations on the map. You agreed to the quest. The next morning you searched for information about the next location on the map and found it to be a dormant volcano where Kobolds once lived. You left the town and decided to follow the mountain ridge south then move east to the volcano, instead of moving south-east through the mountains.

Inside the forest you met with a strange feydragon telling you that you were the relic bearers and asking “why?”

Upon reaching the volcano you found a cave leading inside but were ambushed by kobolds. After defeating the kobolds the one you left alive told you that kobolds were being enslaved by Goblins and being used to dig for something. Venturing further into the volcano you found 2 drakes chained to a bridge. After avoiding the spear traps you defeated the drakes and found a treasure chest.

In this encounter you fought Kobold warriors, a Kobold Trapmaster, Magic Crossbow Turrets, Spear Traps and Spitting Drakes.

Episode 2: The Caves

You set out for this cave early in the morning. On the way there you spot a pirate ship out at sea, burning, and goblin tracks leading down and back up. The cave is just a slant between two cracks and illuminated by giant glowing Mushrooms.

A while into the cave, the walls and ceiling turn to stone bricks and the cave appears to be a man-made structure. You get to a large room with 3 doors and a pillar in the center. Searching the southern door you find a barracks currently occupied by Goblins. Some of the goblins attack you but the commander runs away to inform someone of your intruding. After defeating the goblins you chase the last one into a previously locked door. Inside you find more goblins, including the one who ran and a shamen performing some sort of ritual to a shrine. At the base of the shrine is a fountain of blood. After defeating the goblins, you retrieve the necklace that Thomas was talking about.

Upon further search of the cave you find some gold and a strange purple gem. You decide to spend the night outside the cave. Before waking up, 2 pirates try to pilfer the items found in the cave, but are noticed. You start your journey back to town.

Episode 1: Pirates!

The town of Attariil was under immediate threat of attack and thus Sir. Browncot had decided to evacuate all Citizen’s and prisoners to the friendly city of Seaside on the continent Dihreet.

You arrive at Seaside only to be attacked by pirates. The pirates kill all the guards including the ones who have some of you in chains and precede to start mugging everyone. Reaching you they find that you will not comply with their requests and attack. They are easily defeated and the ones left alive retreat.

The guards ask that you meet with the mayor, Thomas King, who wishes to reward your bravery. The reward, however, is a quest to a cave in the mountains. The mayor mentions a necklace, which you are to retrieve, and goblins, which you are to dispose of.

In this episode you guys fought: The Pirate Captain, Pirate Guards and Pirate Thugs. I’m not sure what you guys got out of the battle. If anyone remembers please send me a message.


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