Mysterious Relics of Yore

Episode 1: Pirates!

The town of Attariil was under immediate threat of attack and thus Sir. Browncot had decided to evacuate all Citizen’s and prisoners to the friendly city of Seaside on the continent Dihreet.

You arrive at Seaside only to be attacked by pirates. The pirates kill all the guards including the ones who have some of you in chains and precede to start mugging everyone. Reaching you they find that you will not comply with their requests and attack. They are easily defeated and the ones left alive retreat.

The guards ask that you meet with the mayor, Thomas King, who wishes to reward your bravery. The reward, however, is a quest to a cave in the mountains. The mayor mentions a necklace, which you are to retrieve, and goblins, which you are to dispose of.

In this episode you guys fought: The Pirate Captain, Pirate Guards and Pirate Thugs. I’m not sure what you guys got out of the battle. If anyone remembers please send me a message.



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