Mysterious Relics of Yore

Episode 3: The Volcano - Part 1

Mayor Thomas greets you upon returning from the cave. You show him the items you found, the purple stone and necklace. In shock, Thomas decides to tell you of a strange man who came to town several weeks ago but was killed that night. In the man’s possessions was a book, written in a language no one could decipher. One page however had pictures of 5 relics. The two items you brought back were 2 of the items listed, the Necklace of Bane and the Egg of Tiamat. Thomas refused to show you the book or tell you the names of the other relics for reasons undisclosed. The map which was found in the cave also was one of the man’s possessions but was lost when a group ventured to the cave.

Thomas then asked if you would be willing to continue looking for the relics, mentioning they would probably be within the locations on the map. You agreed to the quest. The next morning you searched for information about the next location on the map and found it to be a dormant volcano where Kobolds once lived. You left the town and decided to follow the mountain ridge south then move east to the volcano, instead of moving south-east through the mountains.

Inside the forest you met with a strange feydragon telling you that you were the relic bearers and asking “why?”

Upon reaching the volcano you found a cave leading inside but were ambushed by kobolds. After defeating the kobolds the one you left alive told you that kobolds were being enslaved by Goblins and being used to dig for something. Venturing further into the volcano you found 2 drakes chained to a bridge. After avoiding the spear traps you defeated the drakes and found a treasure chest.

In this encounter you fought Kobold warriors, a Kobold Trapmaster, Magic Crossbow Turrets, Spear Traps and Spitting Drakes.



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