Mysterious Relics of Yore

Episode 3: The Volcano - Part 2

You venture into the cave and start to see a red glow, identified as light given off from lava. You reach a digsite, where kobolds are chained up and forced to dig. Goblin foremen are guarding the site. your attempts to sneak up on the digsite are for naught as The main goblin, a goblin Skullcleaver, sees you. The battle is long but not hard and towards the end 3 more goblins come as reinforcements.

After the battle you try to interrogate the Goblin Skullcleaver. He puts up with your torture, even through having both arms broken and hung from shackles. you finally convince him that you are the owners of the relics and he spills everything.

He tells you that the goblins have found 4 of the relics, 2 of which were stolen from a nearby cave just the previous week, one of which mysteriously disappeared a few days ago, and one, the axe of Grummsh, is inside the volcano. He tells you that the wearers of the relics have for some reason all gone mad and suggests that a curse was put on them. He also tells that the relic buried here had already been dug up but a stash of jewels were also found so they were continuing the dig.

The adventurers enter the shack used by the goblins and find a few gems. Deciding the beds habitable, they decide to take a rest.



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