Mysterious Relics of Yore

Episode 3: The volcano - Part 3

Upon waking, the adventurers find no sign of the beaten goblin. Continuing down the cave, they come to a lava river. The river had long since stopped flowing, and a crust had formed. Taking a closer look the group found that the crust was fragile and would make traversing quite difficult. Unbeknownst to them, lava rats filled the river below and tunneled their way up when Rieta attempted to cross. The group took out the swarms of lava rats and continued on their way.

Shortly after the river, a tunnel was found leading to the south, however it had been blocked by fallen debris. after some inspection the group continued to what they found to be the mouth of the volcano, a large open room with a pit of lava in the middle and a wall preventing the road going left. Here laid the tortured goblin, slain by his brethren. Behind him more then 40 goblins stood in their way. “We will not fall for your stupid tricks! Attack!” shouted the one in the front.

The battle was long, but not longer then it should have been. The goblins were weak and the group had gained strength while in the caves. The waves of enemies fell before their might, even faster after Ryker summoned a ball of fire from the lava pit.

Through goblin corpses, the adventurers made it to the boss goblin. This goblin was a beast, 9 feet tall with muscles ripping out of his skin. He held a fiery axe, with the symbol of Gruumsh engraved on the blade. He stood in front of two large skeletons. One skeleton was that of a dragon, the other a strange creature with a single eye. The Goblin Hulk turned towards them and yelled “I have the power! You shall be destroyed!”



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