Introduced “Episode 1: Pirates!”
NPC Thomas King
Items Strange Book
Areas Port
Mayor’s House

Seaside was created over a hundred years ago by an expedition from Attariin, led by Thomas King’s ancestor, Luise King. It is located on the northern coast and at the base of the mountain range that goes the length of the island. It is said that the location was originally decided upon due to the mountainous region providing good cover for secret projects. No proof has been found to confirm this theory and the past mayors all have denied any possibility of it. “God’s Fruit”, named for it’s heavenly taste and slight healing properties, was a fruit found early on in the development of Seaside and one of it’s claim to fame. Another well known fact about Seaside is the tropical climate which attracts tourism from around the world, and causes it’s nearby currents to remain calm through the year, creating a traders paradise.

Luise King, the first mayor of Seaside and leader of the original expedition, was a great ruler and when the end of his term came up the people decided to keep him in office. When Luise finally retired from his position, his son took over and the town has been keeping the King family in office to this day. One of the reasons for the towns love of the King family’s is that Luise had taught his son and grandson everything he knew about governing, which was then passed down the family tree.

During Phillip’s time in office, Thomas King’s Predecessor, Pirates had started to pose a threat. The issue became serious after a bombing in town destroyed the inn along with everyone sleeping inside. In addition, the pirate attacks scared traders and tourists away from the port causing the economy to decline. To combat the growing threat Phillip contacted Lord Admiral Browncott, the leader of the Attariil marines and asked for assistance. With the help of the fleet, the town returned to a semi-stable economy. After Lord Admiral Browncott’s help, Phillip created a secret police to deal with pirates, monsters, and any other threats to the growing Seaside. The secret police, named “The Defenders” by Phillip, was composed of 5 people whose identities were unknown. Using The Defenders, The town has managed to stop relying on allies for it’s problems.


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